Monday, March 1, 2010

Literature Review

“If more vegetables are produced within the urban environment, it would mean that less vegetables need to be imported from another location. This would mean less transport requirement to bring the vegetables to the city and this in turn, would mean less carbon footprints added to the environment. In today’s landscape where the world faces consequences of global warming, urban farming would certainly be environmentally advantageous.”

Lee Sing Kong
Ø Horticulturist
Ø Interests are in agro technology, urban forestry and plant tissue culture
Ø Involved in greening Singapore since 1975
Ø Joined the National Institution of Singapore and embarked on the research on hydroponics in 1991
Ø Developed the aeroponics technology and adapted it for the production of temperate vegetables in the tropics.
Ø Received many awards for this technology
Ø Provides consultancy in aeroponics and urban forestry

Research Interest:

  • Agrotechnology
  • Urban forestry
  • Involved in greening in Singapore since 1975


For more information on Professor Lee you can visit these websites:

We soley research on Prof Lee because he firmly believes that we should grow more hydroponic plants and he is a Singaporean like everyone of us thus he knows about how singapore's weather/climate is like.

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